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Senin, 14 Februari 2011

Lewat Hip-Hop, Pembobol PS3 Serang Balik Sony

Geohot (Youtube)

Jakarta - Pria pembobol PlayStation 3, GeoHotz, digugat oleh Sony karena dianggap melanggar undang-undang hak cipta, namun hacker tersebut malah menyerang balik dengan bernyanyi lewat alunan lagu Hip-Hop.

Hacker dengan nama lengkap George Hotz itu memang tengah menjalani proses hukum akibat ulahnya membobol dan mengedarkan kode PS3. Merasa kesal dengan sikap Sony, Hotz pun meluapkan isi hatinya melalui alunan lagu Hip-Hop yang ia edarkan di YouTube.

Ketika disaksikan detikINET, Senin (14/2/2011), video berdurasi 54 detik telah disaksikan oleh sedikitnya 266 ribu pengguna sejak diunggah 12 Februari 2011. Berikut adalah sepenggal 'puisi' Hotz untuk Sony.

Yo it's geohot
And for those that don't know
I'm getting sued by Sony

Let's take this out of the courtroom and into the streets
I'm a beast, at the least, you'll face me in the northeast
Get my ire up, light my fire
I'll go harder than Eminem went at Mariah
Call me a liar
Pound me in the ass with no lube, chafing
You're fu*king with the dude who got the keys to your safe and
Those that can't do bring suits
Cry to your Uncle Sam to settle disputes
Thought you'd tackle this with a little more tact
But then again fudgepackers, I don't know Jack

I shed a tear everytime I think of Lik Sang
But sh*t man, they're a corporation
And I'm a personification of freedom for all
You fill dockets, like thats a concept foreign to y'all
While lawyers muddy water and TROs stall
Out of business is jail for me
And you're suing me civilly

( eno / fw )

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